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About the Company

Jazzymade™ was established in 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia by fine artist Jazzy Elise. Our mission is to uplift and inspire those seeking inspiration and a vibrant sense of contemporary style. We are a treasury of handmade functional fine art, including stationary, wall art, and home accents. All art is hand painted in the artist's studio with vibrant colors.

The name Jazzymade is a play off the owner’s name, our lead designer. In tandem, the work is a reflection of the word jazzy which means vibrant, contrasting and sexy cool much like the artist herself.

Currently, pieces of our collection exist around the world. Purchase the piece that speaks to you and Take the Art You Love with You!

Reasons to Get in Touch

Traditional art you hang on a wall. Jazzymade Functional Fine Art, you take with you! To work, when you travel, at home living life.

Is there a space in your gift shop, business or property that could use a journal, wall art, or clock? Or is it time to redecorate your interior with a new fresh, contemporary vibe? Let’s discuss Jazzymade™ Functional Fine Art options to meet your needs! so you can,

Take the Art You Love With You!

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  • Prints

    The perfect print for energizing a space and inspiring a renewed sense of purpose.

  • Journals

    Perfect for anything that needs to be written down, perfect for ideas, aspirations or to-dos.

  • Wall Clocks

    Handcrafted wall clocks make keeping track of time a work of art

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  • The Artist

    I was born, raised and thriving in Atlanta, GA, USA. I have a Bachelors of Architecture and practiced as an engineer. I am a life enthusiast, family centric and world traveler. "Be where you are, any space can be a creative place!"

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  • The Work

    Jazzy Elise creates art using a mix of acrylic, ink, watercolor, and embellishments. The color pallet includes 9 vibrant colors of varying value. She is inspired by emotion, architecture, the deepest green in the woods and the color of sunflowers.

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  • The Designer

    Our mission is to uplift and inspire through art. The brand has grown
    into a treasury of functional fine art & a printing and art studio.
    Jazzy believes any place can be a creative space and so you should "take the art you love with you."

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