Collection: Available Originals

I am Jazzy Elise, artist, owner and lead designer of Jazzymade. My artwork is, “A celebration of the world around us, and emotional response through the intimate lens of the spectator.”

I naturally create art. My background is in architecture and engineering, which taught me to take a “problem” and create a functional and beautiful solution. I have translated this design philosophy to create a line of functional fine artwork. This concept derives from knowing creativity happens anywhere and we need a sacred and creative place to store ideas. Art can be on the walls and exist in other forms. This collection of functional fine art as journals, clocks and prints helps people take the art they love with them and use it in a more contemporary way.

Our Studio, where all the magic happens, is located in Atlanta, Georgia. All of the artwork is hand painted by me and transformed into all of the lovely creations we offer in our line. All artwork is designed, printed, hand signed, assembled, and framed in house. We take pride in producing high quality products that will last for generations to come. Much like a piece of original artwork, we create with longevity in mind.

My artwork can be identified by the bold contrasting colors that awaken the senses and ground the viewer. My products can be identified by the innovative touches and jazzy style.

Our mission is to spread beautiful art and inspire others. Choose the art that speaks to you, and “Take the Art You Love with You!”

For the love of uplifting others,

Jazzy Elise