About Us

Jazzymade was founded in 2017 as a treasury of original functional fine art for collectors in the form of journals, clocks and prints. Currently we sell to retail and to private collectors all over the world!! My company has been featured in local magazines and my artwork has been featured in galleries and museums. We are located in Atlanta GA, USA.

Meet the Collectors from 2022

About the Artist and Owner

My name is Jazzy Elise, I am a local established architectural artist. Born, raised and now thriving in Atlanta, GA, USA. I have traveled around the world, studied architecture and practiced as an engineer. I am a life enthusiast and family centric, all of this experience often shows in my artwork.

"Be where you are, any place can be your creative space. Just be inspired by everything around you. I am."

I began my interest in art as early as 7, oftentimes enjoying creating more than watching TV with my siblings. I remember as a girl being excited to create art for my loved ones. It would be personal with a poem, an illustration, and framed. I valued giving my artwork more than buying something from the store. It felt like giving them a piece of my soul, something they could cherish forever. I got so much joy from making them smile. I was always drawing and sketching and in 9th grade I was introduced to painting as a technique, it was not my favorite form of creating at the time. In 2013 I graduated with a Bachelors of Architecture and between graduating and finding work I picked up the brush. I practiced as an engineer for 7 years while painting as a hobby and developing my skills. In 2017, I launched Jazzymade™ as a company and platform to sell my artwork. I knew painting was my passion and I wanted to do it all of the time. Walking into my studio each day is like living inside my dreams as a little girl; she is happy with who I have become.

My purpose in life is to uplift and inspire others with my artwork. Thanks to so many collectors I am living in my purpose!

Let's Make Something Special

When given the perfect gift, a person feels special, appreciated, and cared for. That’s what I love about being an artist. As part of my vision for Jazzymade I have selected featured artwork to offer as gifts! We specialize in journals, clocks, and art prints, Jazzymade is the perfect addition to your gift shop, business or property!

Each piece has a special meaning and it means the world to me knowing that someone’s face will light up.  The perfect journal for ideas and aspirations, the perfect print for energizing their office and a renewed sense of purpose, or the perfect clock that inspires them to keep going and keeps them on track for their day.

Reasons to get in touch

Is there a space in your gift shop, business or property that could use a journal, wall art, or clock? Let’s discuss your wholesale order needs!

Is it time to redecorate your interior with a new fresh, modern feel? Let’s discuss Jazzymade Wall Art options to meet your needs.


I am walking on sunshine and you can see it in my smile! Looking forward to getting jazzy with you!

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